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 Dialysave is a startup company based in Montreal, Canada. Our mission is to provide widespread access to dialysis for patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease, both locally and throughout the world. 


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The Problem

1 in 10 people suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), worldwide. CKD patients who develop End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) need a type of renal replacement therapy (RRT) to filter their blood and survive. Patients have 3 options of RRT: kidney transplantation, peritoneal dialysis, and hemodialysis. Most patients are treated with hemodialysis - in fact, this represents 90% of dialysis patients.

The Need

Globally, 90% of patients who suffer from kidney failure need dialysis to survive, but don't have access to it. There are currently 2 million people on dialysis, though in reality, approximatively 20 million people need the treatment. Unfortunately, patients who are on dialysis have a poor quality of life: roughly 20% choose to voluntarily end their treatment and another 20 - 30% die prematurely from cardiovascular disease. The mortality rate is high because kidneys normally work 24/7, whereas hemodialysis treatments are scheduled 3 times a week and last 4-6 hours; barely enough to cover the most basic function of the kidney.

The Solution

Dialysave's mission is to develop a dialysis system that is better for patients in the long term, uses less resources and is hence more accessible. Indeed, we are currently developing a Portable Dialysis Unit (PDU) that is designed to be wearable, which will allow patients to dialyze more frequently. Our PDU relies on a nanobio-material to absorb harmful solutes from patients’ blood, thus eliminating the need for dialysate. Consequently, our system reduces healthcare costs, while at the same time saving clinics 100 - 200 liters of ultra-pure water per treatment.

Our Story 

Who we are

Dialysave is backed by a group of local and global experts in the field: nephrologists, dialysis technicians, engineers.


In high school, the main founder of Dialysave, Anya Pogharian, was a volunteer in the dialysis unit of a local hospital. This is when she noticed that many dialysis patients’ needs were not fulfilled – both locally and globally. As Anya’s interest and curiosity of the issue grew, she realized that many CKD patients still do not have access to any form of treatment.

Despite her relatively low knowledge of dialysis machines, Anya took on the ambitious goal of making a simple, user-friendly and affordable hemodialysis machine. After hours upon hours of research, trials, and interviews with specialists from local hospitals, she was able to make a first prototype. Eventually, she made a second prototype which was proven to be functional after tests conducted in partnership with Héma-Québec.  

In the past year, Dialysave™ was created alongside other people that are passionate to solve this global problem.

Anya’s hard work granted her top prizes at local science competitions, such as Science Fair. Due to her positive recognition, Anya’s story was featured in many media outlets. In 2016, she even had the opportunity to speak at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative alongside President Bill Clinton and the U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

Understanding the problem

Creating the solution


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